District Staff

Current FCD10 Staff

Mike Dimmick - District Manager

2014 - Present

Mike Dimmick assumed his responsibilities the Project Manager for the District April 1, 2014, and was promoted to District Manager in 2015. Mike was born and raised in Boise. He spent his career in outdoor activities working for the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Office of Aircraft Services at the National Interagency Fire Center, in Boise. He brings more than 30 years of resource management, interagency coordination and government contracting experience to FCD10.

Erv Ballou - Assistant Project Manager

2012 - Present

Erv Ballou joined Flood District #10 in 2012 as Assistant Project Manager. Erv brings a wealth of knowledge from his prior work with IDWR as the State Stream Channel Protection Specialist.

Previous FCD10 Staff

Paul Woods, PE - Executive Director

2014 - 2015

Paul Woods served as the District's first Executive Director helping to bring a new focus toward implementation of District policies on the Boise River. He provided extensive experience as a manager and executive in local government working on both urban and rural issues.

Sally Goodell - Interim Executive Director

2013 - 2014

During her tenure with FCD10, Sally developed the Executive Director's job description, including reporting authority, responsibilities, work experience and education requirements, and compensation package. She also prepared short-term recommendations to the Board in preparation for the annual budget meeting, conducted a summary review of the prior 5 years of FCD10 budgets, prepared a recommended list of prioritized budget items for inclusion in the upcoming budget and prepared budget scenarios for the commission's consideration. Sally prepared medium-term recommendations to the Board by implementing changes in FCD10 job descriptions and reporting authority, identified district data gaps, projected future revenues, and continued work on the public communications program.

Chuck Ferguson - Project Manager & Senior District Advisor

1993 - 2015

Chuck originally worked closely with LaRue Bevington, as Assistant Project Manager, from 1993-1997. In 1997, when LaRue retired, Chuck was named Project Manager and continued to serve as the District's Project Manager between 1997 and 2014. In 2014, the Board named Chuck to the position of Senior District Advisor, where he offered seasoned advice to the Project Manager, Executive Director and the Board for the remainder of his time with the District. Chuck passed away January 25, 2015.

LaRue Bevington - Project Manager

1987 - 1997

LaRue served as FCD10's project manager during the period immediately following Ivan Cane's tenure. He spent many days on Boise River implementing the Board's policies. During the later part of his time on the river, LaRue trained Chuck Ferguson, first as Assistant Project Manager, before turning the role over to him in 1997.

Ivan Cane - Project Manager


Ivan D. Cane was born on Dec. 14, 1904, at Alexandria, Nebraska, where he was raised and graduated from high school. He married Jennie M. Harrold on Dec. 30, 1925 in Alexandria, where they farmed. In 1944, they moved to Star, Idaho where they farmed until Ivan retired in 1976. They then moved to Nampa.

Ivan enjoyed working in his garden, hunting, fishing and working with wood. He was a member of the Franklin Community Church where he served on the board for several years; he served on the Dairymen's Co-op Creamery Board; he served as secretary-treasurer in the Ada County Dairyman's Association; and Chairman of the Dry Creek Soil & Water Board for 15 years. He also served in the Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts. He helped form the Boise River Flood Control Dist. No. 10 and served as commissioner and Manager from 1974 - 1987. Ivan Cane passed away October 2, 1992.